Secure SMS Gateway Gsm Modem 64 Port 256 SIM 2G/3G/4G SMS Modem

The ACOM664G-256 4G SMS Gateway is a powerful and reliable solution for businesses of all sizes that need to send bulk SMS messages. It supports up to 256 SIM cards and can send up to 40,000 SMS messages per hour. The gateway is also equipped with a variety of features that make it easy to use and manage, such as remote login and management, bulk SMS sending and receiving, and AT/USSD commands.


Brand: Ejointech
Model: ACOM664G-256  /  ACOM664L-256
Description: 64 Channels 256 Sim 4G SMS Gateway / SMS Modem
Frequency Bands: 2G/3G/ 4G LTE Global Network/Carriers Compatible
Device Dimension: 54X39X5.9CM
Net Weight: 7kg
Gross Weight: 8kg
12 Months Warranty + Free Lifetime Technical Support

Key Features:

Super Fast SMS Send Speed 40K SMS Per Hour;
Support 256 SIM Cards Work At Same Time
Instantly SMS Receive
Remote Login and Manage in Different Locations
Bulk SMS Sending, Receiving, and Forwarding
AT /USSD Command
Support SMPP Connection and HTTP API Integration
Anti-Sim Blockage Features
MMS Sending
IMEI Change
SMS to Email

Human Behavior Features:

IMEI changeable
Base station change
Sim Rotation with more than 10 conditions
Set sms interval between SMS
SMS send limit
Internet surfing

System Integration:

Our product has powerful built-in HTTP API functionalities and can convert SMS to Email. It is dedicated for the integration of EJOIN Gateway with any external system or application.

Bulk SMS

Easily import large contacts from Excel or CSV data and columns to template fields.
Scheduled SMS Sending
SMS Send Time Intervals
Sender ID change
Number Blacklist/Sensitive words
Receive SMS online
Support multiple Sim Cards Work at Once
Instantly SMS Receive
Auto Forward to Third Party/Server

SMS Forward/Integration

Multiple Softwares Provided
ETMS: for Manage Multiple devices Remotely on Cloud
EIMS: for SMS Marketing Campaign
ESPS: for Manage sim cards remotely in different locations away from SMS Modem

Management System

ETMS: For central management of all your ejointech gateways on one page, with an auto-recharge system embedded in
EIMS_Simple: For sending/receiving bulk SMS online
EIMS3: For SMS termination
ESPS: For manage gateway and sim pool, and set your own SIM assignation strategy

Packing & Delivery

What Come With The Package
1x ACOM664L-256 Or  1x ACOM664G-256
64x 4G Antennas
1x USB Cable
1x Network Cable
1x Power Adapter
12 Months Warranty
Free lifetime technical support

Why Choose US?

Our SMS gateway Hardware is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes that need to send bulk SMS messages. We offer a secure reliable, affordable, and scalable solution that allows you to send messages to specific groups of customers, track the results of your campaigns, and measure the ROI of your SMS marketing, that is easy to use and backed by 24/7 hours support.

Ejointech specializes in providing a high-quality Hardware SMS Gateway, SMS Modem, bulk SMS platform, bulk SMS Service, IP proxy gateway, and VoIP gateway with advanced hardware and software solutions for customers worldwide for 20 years. Get your bulk SMS gateway hardware and software now!

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 54 × 39 × 5.9 cm





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