EIMS SMS Marketing Platform SMS System For Business EIMS-SMS Platform

EIMS is a powerful SMS platform that provides businesses with a variety of features to help them send and manage SMS messages. With EIMS, businesses can easily connect with suppliers and consumers, switch between different channels, create sub-accounts, and monitor SMS sending status in real time. EIMS also offers bill management and send record query features to help businesses keep track of their SMS usage.


Start Your SMS Business with EIMS, Using EIMS, Make profit easier


Standard SMPP protocol, complete HTTP API documentation, easy to connect with suppliers and consumers

—Flexible channel switching

Single user can configure multiple channels, switch freely

—Create different permissions accounts

A sub-account system with different permissions, easy for multiple people to operate

—Real-time monitoring of SMS sending status

Timely feedback status report with clear details

—Bill management

The sent data is automatically aggregated into bills with high precision

—Send record query

Data desensitization and preservation to ensure customer data security

Additional information

300k daily Capacity


1500k daily Capacity


unlimited Capacity



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